How To Survive (and THRIVE) In A World Gone Video

How To Survive (and THRIVE) In A World Gone Video

How To Survive (and THRIVE) In A World Gone Video

The many aspects and approaches to marketing your business in today’s world are all viable options and should be weighed against each other when one is in charge of deciding how to better spend company’s time and manage its monetary marketing budget. Video marketing has gone viral and should be considered as a top contender in your small business marketing plan. Here are some ideas to help you develop a strategy to use video in your company’s marketing. You can also check out our little Illumina Filmworks Marketing Video HERE.

Kind of funny…

Here you are, a marketing professional or small business owner looking to enter the game of video marketing (or trying to understand it better), yet you are READING an article about the subject! In short, what this should tell you is the simple fact that there is NO ONE WAY of implementing a marketing strategy for your company or organization. All approaches, vehicles, and avenues in the marketing world are viable options and should be weighed against each other when one is in charge of deciding how to better spend company’s time and manage its monetary marketing budget. And using video marketing strategies should not be overlooked as one of these avenues. Here are some informational points to help you navigate the waters of video marketing and explain why this tool should be added to your next campaign:

What You May Say About Video Marketing:

“But it’s so involved and expensive!”

“My marketing budget is already on a shoe-string.”

“I would not know where to start.”

“Is video marketing really that necessary?”

Why Should Video Marketing Even Be Considered An Option:

With over 4 billion views on YouTube per day, video marketing has become increasingly important for businesses big and small. Video marketing is extremely important to small business because it quickly and succinctly brings an added dimension to the human senses that help increase the trust level to the consumer, something that direct mail, print ad, and digital market campaigns can miss. Video adds validity to the consumer experience where a potential customer knows right off the bat a business is just trying to sell them something when they get a postcard in the mail or an email blast.

Keep Your Video Short, Fun, and Informational:

In the world of mobile phones and devices, hectic schedules, limited time spans, and information on social media feeds vying for your attention every 3-5 seconds, it would be wise of a marketing manager or small business owner to give video marketing a look-see. Creating videos can help keep people engaging with your brand, especially if you add in a little humor. With video, you can show off the top features of your product while also sharing your brand personality. It’s always best to give people the information they need as quickly as you can, while also keeping it interesting. If you are able to catch someone’s interest in 30-60 seconds then that will increase the probability the potential consumer will click thru to your website and spend more them there rather than sit through a 5-10 minute infomercial. Better yet….they might even share your video with their friends!

Keep Your Audience Interested…AND IN HALF THE TIME:

Instead of writing pages of text, videos give you the power to visually show off your product or service and explain subjects in half the time. This is your opportunity to make something captivating for your audience, so they stick around and learn about your company. The more engaging your video, the more opportunity you have to pull them into your marketing environment and hopefully encourage them to make a purchase in the future. If you are selling a product, keep it fun and informative. If you are a professional service then you will want the visuals and professionalism to shine through in your video, increasing the trust factor to views by showing them true human qualities. In any approach, remember to keep it light and real.

It’s Easier To Persuade A Potential Customer or Client With Video:

It is one thing to write down the reasons why someone should buy your product. But, it is quite another to actually see your product in action. Using video is your opportunity to truly show off everything your product can do. Do your best to explain why people should care about what you’re selling and how it’s going to make their lives easier.

Where To Start:

If you have the marketing dollars in your budget, then there are literally hundreds of sites on Google (most likely in your area) of full-service professional video creation and editing companies who will assist in getting your project ready for launch or take it to the next level. These services can cost anywhere from hundreds of to thousands of dollars depending on how much you involve them in the creative process. With today’s iPhone camera and video options, and even with the higher-end digital cameras on the market, a professional services company or small business can lower the cost of a professional video creation service by doing the following:

Take a number of creative high resolution still pictures of your buildings, products, clients, or employees in action. This way the video creation company does not have to do this and add to your costs.

Have ideas of what you want to say in your script content ready. Copywriting can get costly because of the time it takes to do it. A 30-second video only needs approximately 10-12 lines of copy. Have ideas ready! You can edit it and smooth it out once the process has started.

Do your homework beforehand and see what the possibilities are by checking other company websites similar to yours to see what they’ve done with regard to video.

Get references from other companies similar to yours that have waded through the video marketing waters. This is very important.

Have fun with this process. This is you helping to make your company shine through and show off. If you are proud and excited about what you are doing and what you have to offer….then show that on the video.

Need help with video marketing?

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